Vivekanand Sadan

Swami Vivekanand Sadan

With the blessings of Almighty & whole hearted cooperation of the Honourable members of the Managing committee of the School the construction of an elegant edifice Vivekanand Sadan having unique architectural design was completed in 2006. It has well ventilated & lighted thirteen class rooms, separate toilet blocks for boys & girls. In the basement it has cycle and scooter stand. A covered stage has been constructed in front of Vivekanand Sadan which is unique in the entire district. It was inaugurated by Reverend Sh. Sushil Jawa, the committed president of S.D. Sr. Sec. School (Multan) Karnal & S.D. Model Sr. Sec. School. Railway Road, Karnal On December 19th 2006.